Yeovil Pride announces virtual Pride event for 2020

With Covid-19 cancelling large group events this year Yeovil Pride has organised a group of micro events to support the LGBT+ community

Monday, 3rd August 2020 – With the global coronavirus pandemic resulting in large group events having to be cancelled this summer including the annual Yeovil Pride event, the Yeovil Pride committee has created a series of micro events both virtual and in person to take place this Saturday, 8 August.

Pride is more important than ever, as many in our community are confined to staying at home still in the midst of the pandemic. For many young people this can be especially tough if living with parents or guardians who do not accept them, and without any space to be themselves.

In a bid to create events that would support the LGBT+ community in Yeovil and further afield the following micro events have been scheduled to take place on Saturday:

Paws for Pride – 12:00 – 12:30

A virtual online dog show, that can include any pets, the categories included are: Best Dressed, Best Trick and Best in Show.

Submissions need to be sent before 9am on 8th of August with voting taking place on facebook from 12:00.

Happy hour 13:00 – 14:00

Intend to be a virtual social event for members of the LGBT+ community to socialise together, over a drink at home. Members of the committee will be discussing what makes them happy with regards to Pride and the supportive LGBT+ community.

LGBT+ Film screening at Westlands 14:30 – 16:30

Now that venues can reopen again and adhere to social distancing, together with Westlands Social Club the committee have organised a screening of the documentary film ‘Are you Proud’ by Peccadilo Pictures.

The powerful documentary includes rare footage and interviews from across a spectrum of historical campaigns to celebrate and support the LGBT+ movement. Tickets will be limited and booking in advance is advisable.

The committee would like to thank Westlands Yeovil for helping Yeovil Pride 2020 put on this screening.

2020 Vision, 17:00 – 18:00

Hosted live on our Facebook Page, we will be hosing a panel discussion with local community leaders to talk about the injustices still faced by LGBT+ people, in Yeovil, throughout the UK and around the world. Whilst we can’t celebrate Pride by marching through Yeovil, it remains so important that LGBT+ people come together to support each other, and offer solidarity to those who need it.

Be the Change, 18:30 – 19:30

Yeovil Pride will be hosting a live Q&A show on our Facebook Page, featuring guests who are all helping to make a difference in the world, explaining how you can get involved to help make a difference wherever you are. From writing to politicians to volunteering for causes such as Yeovil Pride, donating to LGBT+ charities to taking a stand, join us as we explain what you can do to help.

Karaoke Night 20:00 – Late

Online Faebook live event where people can audition in advance to have their 5 minutes of fame, from lip-syncers to the next Beyonce, all members of the LGBT+ community and those that support LGBT+ rights are invited to audition. The live event will enable the community to share an evening of entertainment together.

JK Doran, Chair of Yeovil Pride, said, “Despite current world events, we wanted to make sure that we still marked Yeovil Pride in some way, so we’ve developed a series of events that celebrate our local LGBT+ community, as well as help to educate and bring people together at a time when we haven’t been able to gather.

“Lockdown has been especially hard for many LGBT+ people, who may have had to go back into the closet or been disconnected from their support networks. So please join us to mark Yeovil Pride on Saturday, 8 August.”

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