We have a new logo

As a way to mark LGBT+ History Month, we’re delighted to share with you our new logo that will represent Yeovil Pride.

It gives the rainbow – a symbol long associated with Pride movements thanks to Gilbert Baker’s iconic design in San Francisco – a ‘Yeovil’ makeover referencing the towns coat of arms creating a new, unique colour scheme we’re proud of, and hope the towns LGBT+ community are proud of too.

The colour scheme, and rainbow will be referenced in Yeovil Pride’s designs going forward, creating a strong visual that stands out and something that can be adaptable going forward.

The design was created by Yeovil Pride’s own Lou, who said, “This logo, designed specifically for Yeovil Pride, will be able to represent us going forward as we aspire for even greater heights in order to serve our community in bigger, better and brighter ways.”

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